Our approach

Our breweries and cidery are iconic to their local communities and play an important role in supporting growth through investments, buying locally, paying taxes and providing employment. We take a real sense of pride in our responsibility to create a sustainable future that we can share with Kiwis all over the country.

Our economic contribution

In 2019, our economic contribution came to a combined value of over NZD $427 million. We also invested over $330,000 into 28 different charitable causes, including responsible drinking campaigns and partnerships, litter prevention and waterway restoration, and local community support initiatives.

*Data excludes our Drinkworks business and international supplier payments. Wages and employee taxes paid include Joylab.

Partnering with Keep New Zealand Beautiful

During the year we were proud to establish a premier partnership between Keep New Zealand Beautiful (KNZB) and DB Export. KNZB is an iconic not-for-profit charitable organisation that has been leading the way in educating New Zealanders on how to ‘Do The Right Thing’ since 1967. Each year they mobilise over 70,000 volunteers to clean up litter, remove graffiti and plant trees.

Looking ahead

We recognise that there is a lot more work to be done to reduce litter in public places, with bottle tops and glass both featuring inside the top five most frequently identified pieces of litter in the Keep New Zealand Beautiful National Litter Audit. We will be using our iconic DB Export brand to launch initiatives with KNZB that will help more Kiwis take ownership of reducing litter in New Zealand and getting waste to the right places. We will also continue our focus on supporting our communities to prosper by providing jobs, paying taxes and supporting charitable causes that drive our sustainability goals forward. This is more relevant than ever with the economic impact we are experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.